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Company History

Our founder, Caddius Bane, noticed that some people were making portraits for themselves from POTBS due to higher graphics and greater customizability. He also noticed that there was a demand for such portraits from people who could not acquire such, and thus the business was born.


CEO: Caddius Bane

Co-CEO: Elizabeth Bane

Head Photographer: John Breasly

Photographer: Boogie Mango

Photographer: Jason Blademorgan

Photographer (Requires POTBS): Open


We are dedicated to ensuring that your portrait fits to your personality and situation. Our team will work with you to design your own Custom Portrait, with hundreds of clothing and accessory combinations. Want to look like a swashbuckling pirate with a parrot, eyepatch and pegleg? We can do that! Want to look like a grizzled naval hero with an admiral's outfit and a hook? We can do that and anything in between! Or if you're busy, you can always order a Photographer's Vision portrait in which we learn as much about you as we can and then create a portrait based on the concepts of our photographers of your status and traits. We offer both male and female portraits and even multi-person portraits. We even include specialized backgrounds for your enjoyment.

Order Forms

Custom Portraits:

(Please choose one of each group and place form in comments)

Gender: Male or Female?

Career: Navy, Privateer, Merchant or Pirate?

Age: Young, Mid-Age or Old?

Clothing: Ragged, Casual, Fancy or Decadent?

Clothing Color: (Choose any)

Hat: None, Bandana, Casual, Tricorne, Bicorne or Fancy?

Hair: Wild, Unkempt, Casual, Fancy or Wig?

Hair Color: (Choose any)

Facial Hair (Male only): Wild, Unkempt, Casual, Fancy or Clean?

Accessories (As many as you like): Pegleg, Eyepatch, Hook, Shoulder Parrot, Shoulder Lizard or Shoulder Rat?

Personal Notes:

Photographer's Vision:

(Please give us your information in comments)


(Please choose one)














(New!) Rule Britannia

Our Completed Portraits

Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all portraits will be completed within 48 hours of the response to a form. We also guarantee that you'll love our portraits! If you don't, just tell us and we'll make a completely new one for you!

Thank You

Thank you for your business! Remember to place your orders in the comments section below and don't forget, you can never be too specific!

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