• Captain Wildsilver Training with Nate Raidhawk
  • Peter Whacking Nate In Training
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Medical Squadron At Work

El Bandidos is a small empire led by Nate Raidhawk. The guild is growing very fast, and the members are slowly making themselves known. This guild is already a main target of many EITC Officials.

The Guildmaster, Nate Raidhawk, is also a Pirate Lord in the 5th Brethren Court.

Bases, Camps, and Hideouts

The Bandido Empire rules the server of Guines. The guild uses Avaricia ( Bandido's Bay ) as the meeting place. Isla Perdida is the place where El Bandidos

hang out and relax. They barely use Rumrunner's Isle, but it is a good food source, not to mention all the rum and food in the cellar.

We also have a camp in Fort Charles. El Bandidos have a retreat hideout spot, which is TOP SECRET. We also are known to crash parties.

So whenever the EITC are partying, expect Nate and his bandidos to be there. We have recently created a mountainside base in Tortuga.

Military Ranks

Nate Raidhawk Head Bandido
Captain Mark Ironflint Chief Bandido, Head Explorer
William Warfury 3rd In Command
Peter Coalvane Head in Espionage, Treasurer
Magic Man Head Treasurer
Captain Kevin REINSTATED Head In Negotiations
Matthew Mcflint Head Founder, Medic
Chris Scurvykidd Chief Founder, Treasurer
Jack Fireskull Special Founder
Jack Special Founder, Medic
Liam Shooter Special Founder, Explorer

NOTE: Special Founders are people who were first in the guild.

Current number of guild members: 263
Pirata flag

El Bandidos Flag

thumb|300px|right|El Bandidos ThemeNew recruits start out as veterans, and eventually will be promoted, but every now and then,

there will be a special where new recruits will be promoted to officer. Everybody is officer.

Navy Ranks

Nate Raidhawk Admiral
Captain Mark Ironflint Vice Admiral
Liam Shooter Commodore
Peter Wildsilver/ Carson Captain
( Undecided ) First Mate
( Undecided ) Sailor
( Undecided )


NOTE: There can be more in one rank, except Admiral and Vice Admiral.

Political Ranks

Nate Raidhawk Ruler
Captain Mark Ironflint Vice Ruler, Governor of Porc
Matthew Mcflint Governor of Port Royal
Chris Scurvykidd Governor of Tortuga
William Warfury Governor of Padres Del Fuego
Peter Wildsilver/Carson Governor of the Colony of Isla Perdida
Peter Coalvane Governor of Cuba
Liam Shooter Governor of Avaricia
Nate Raidhawk Governor of the Colony of Raven's Cove
Magic Man

Governor of the Bandido Fort


Anthem: The Kraken

Uniforms: None

Ranks: None


Storm! - Raid a village, area, or building

Dagger Brace! - All bandidos present throw a viper's nest

WEAPONS! - Draw weapons

Fall Back! - Leave the area

Squads: Medical Squad, Muerte Bandidos, Treasurer Squad, Exploration Squad, Espionage Squad

Punishments: Demotion and/or Removal

Muerte Bandidos

These are the best soldiers in El Bandidos, will be trained to hunt down Captain Ricky Spark.

  • Nate Raidhawk
  • Captain Mark Ironflint
  • Nathaniel Redeagle ( Not in guild, on our side in dispute )
  • Chris Scurvykidd
  • Peter Coalvane
  • Magic Man

Medical Squad

The purpose of the Med Squad is to heal and revive.

  • Bill Daggerage
  • Matthew Mcflint
  • Swordbones
  • Jack
  • Will Chaincutter

Treasurer Squad

The purpose of the treasurer squad is to specialize in loot and gold.

  • Magic Man
  • Chris Scurvykidd
  • Peter Wildsilver
  • Carson

Exploration Squad

The purpose of the exploration squad is to explore mountainous regions.

  • Captain Mark Ironflint
  • Liam Shooter
  • Captain Kevin

Espionage Squad

This squad is especially trained to spy on enemies.

  • Peter Coalvane
  • Li Plunderkidd
  • Astrid
  • Peter Wavefury

Advisor Council

  • Captain Mark Ironflint
  • Liam Shooter
  • William Warfury
  • Magic Man
  • Peter Coalvane
  • Peter Wildsilver

More to come.

Conquest to Navermo

In early August, El Bandidos went to Navermo, with intentions of eliminating a local EITC guild called East India Republic. They created a base camp in Fort Charles and stayed the night. The next day, Nate Raidhawk got his soldiers ready for battle, and they sailed to Padres Del Fuego. Once the bandits landed, they grabbed bayonets and searched Padres. They found an EITC man named John Breasly. He asked Nate what his purpose was here, and Nate said that he wanted to declare war. And so he did. The next day, Nate and and his soldiers yet again sailed to Padres. El Bandidos found a few EITC people, and Nate told them to crew up. The two sides engaged in four pvp matches. The first was won by El Bandidos, the second was won by El Bandidos, and the third was won by East India, thanks to Robert McRoberts, the EITC General, and his blunderbuss. However, the fourth pvp match, is still undecided due to the fact that many of the bandits and East India got disconnected. " The day be ours! " Nate told his men as they watched East India retreat to Padres Town. The bandits went back to base camp and celebrated with rum and bread. The next day, the bandits sailed to Tortuga to fend off the Undead that is about to arrive, only to find their enemy, East India covering the barricades. All of them engaged in one last pvp match. Unfortunatly, the East India won. As the bandits retreated, Nate told the EITC that they will be back in more numbers...

Recently East India's guild name has been changed to Royal Empire Co.

The Rise of the Sharks

There have been many confrontations with the EITC Black sharks, but no battles. Nate believes that the Sharks are nothing, and that they only run away from a fight...

Recently, Captain Ricky Spark came to Nate for his guild. Nate knew what was going on. Nate said that El Bandidos were HIS guild, not Spark's. Spark disagreed and said that Nate was holding the guild for him. Peter Coalvane, a witness to the argument, was flipping a coin in the corner. Nate saw Pete and whispered to him " Spark is tryng to take my guild, if you want to find me, I'll be on Battira." Nate and his soldiers went to Battira Avaricia, their home, only to find Spark and his allies waiting for them. Peter came back to El Bandidos, with intentions of being on the good side.

Also, while Nathaniel Redeagle, Mark Ironflint, Chris Scurvykidd, and Nate Raidhawk were relaxing on Padres Volcano, Mark said that Spark is on the island. All four of them went into a

panic. They all went aboard the Shadow Wolf, Nathaniel's war frigate. They set sail, hoping to escape Spark. But of course, the Riptide Nemesis was just behind them. The Shadow Wolf turned around and opened fire. Nate Raidhawk fired Fury rounds, Chris fired Chainshots at the sails, and Mark fired explosives. They almost brought Spark to the depths, but his vessel was STILL seaworthy. They escaped to Battira Avaricia and relaxed from all the action...


  • Captain Ricky Spark and allies
  • United Empire
  • Leon and any guilds he makes
  • Robert McRoberts ( actually I hate him more than Leon :| )


  • Burnward's Empire
  • Shadow Blood
  • Mandalore Jackals
  • TreasureHunters Inc.
  • 5th Brethren Court

Want to Join?

Code is WKZC5925


October 14th: Good and Bad Breaking News: Mark Ironflint mysteriously disappears, thought to be Missing in Action. Nate later finds out that Mark was unhappy because Liam accidentally kicked Mark. Mark then sails into the distance. Hours later, Johnny and Nate convince Mark to rejoin :) NOTE: Long Story Short.

October 10th: WE HAVE NOW REACHED 2-0-0. I am going to host parties over the next few days :)

October 8th: PICS NOW HAVE A PAGE!!! Check it out, some are pretty cool. 15 more pirates and we'll reach 200, then throw a party :)

October 7th: New Contest in guild: Whoever brings the guild to 200 will get a seat in the Advisor Council, which is exclusive.

October 6th: Wide-scale conquest on Raven's Cove begins! Daytime hours: Camp Construction and/or Building Re-Habilitation. Nighttime hours: Retreat to hideouts and/or fight restless Rage Ghosts.

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