The Balloon Sword is a joke weapon, it is a cutlass. It is very strong and has many abilites. It makes a sound as if you rubbed something against a balloon, if it landed a hit. It has the 'Balloon Rain' ability, it will release balloons tied to strings, they will go into the sky and come down as a giant balloon and hit the enemy. It does around 1,400 damage.

  • Attack: 94
  • Skills: Balloon Rain: Send a giant balloon down to your opponent!, Taunt boost +3.
  • Cutlass
  • Joke weapon, usually overlooked.
  • Legendary.
  • Requires level 29 Sword.

The balloon is followed by a trail depending on its color, if the balloon is red, it will have a red trail. This is a joke weapon so it normally is overlooked. The Balloon Sword is a legendary sword. The Balloon Sword usually is found on Tortuga, in Rat's Nest at General Sandspine. The Balloon Sword requires a pirate with a level 29 sword at least to be wielded.

Balloon Swor

Picture of the Balloon Sword.

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