Bain is an unstoppable force, one that will rid The Caribbean of those who pretend to rule it. He is a brute, a monster with a genius brain, and he will stop at nothing to finally destroy The Caribbean and it's so called "leaders".Bain despises those who believe they can rule a country that doesn't even exist in The Caribbean, and he will protect those who are loyal to him.

History of Bain

Of what little is known of Bain, one thing is certain, he is very very strong, yet intelligent. He uses his brawns and brains to achieve his goals. Bain was originally from The Caribbean, and may or may not be a part of The Guild of Shadows, a group of revolutionaries who planned to overthrow the King from his rule many years ago.

Also, it is not known how Bain received his name, although one possibility is that he is like a bane, or a great distress.

So far, Bain and his followers have been seen organizing what appears to be many large rallies in the jungles of The Caribbean, it is assumed that they are planning something...


A relatively low level, Bain is only a lvl 20, but he is not to be underestimated with, as he gains levels each day.


Currently, The Guild of Shadows.



Bain is in possession of no famed weapons, however he does have a Lost Sword.

The Revolution

Bain is currently a revolutionary, with his goals set on destroying those who lead The Caribbean on their thrones, and Bain will stop at nothing in order to win. He is a monster, an unstoppable force, a storm in human form, and he will see to it that The Caribbean will become how it should be, under his rule, where he will enforce a strong leadership and drive out those who claim the land for their own benefit.

It is unknown how large his revolution is, but one thing is sure, they are becoming larger, and they will eventually start what they want, war.

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