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Hiya I'm Avada and I'm making this because my game isn't loading right now and I'm just that bored. Lets see, I have 4 pirates but I only used two of them recently.

Avada Kedavra- 43

Madame Dark Hart- 10

Ive got all war ships, all named Black Phoenix, because I'm so not creative when it comes to naming things >.<

lvl 7 svs and pvp badges, on Avada that is. Im still working on Madame, i made her like...yesterday, shes only lvl one in pvp. Hmmmmmmm. Ill think of some other junk later.

Find me on Abassa/Antik By Dark Hart(duh) and SVSing usually. or just messing with people on Ravens cove or something :P Me best friend on here is obviously Margaret Bluerage (also her other pirate is Pandamonia, also lvl 10 were twins :P) Shes epic, shell eat you alive. -nod nod- thats us in pvp below :D

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