Story idea credit goes to Benjamin Macmorgan (or whatever his name is) Attack of the Pink Bunniez is a story written by Hi7878. THIS IS A COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!! NOT SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!! It takes place in the 1750's. Ten years from the present time in the Caribbean. Jolly Roger is dead, Lord Beckett is over-weight, the skeletons got drunk, and El Patron and his ghosts got lost and tripped and are too stupid to stand back up.... But there is a new enemy, so big, SO pink, SOOO Cute that it will make you want to throw up.

Bunny of Death

The first of the Four Bunniez... His name is Fepbp!!!!!!!!!! The most mean bunny of all

It was a cold winter day, so cold, that the beaches of tortuga had turned to ice, people had wondered........ why is it cold? Even though the Pirate Weather Channel insisted that it was just because it was the people thought it was something else.... the people that were DRUNK thought it was something else, but nobody believed them, I mean REALLY!? Who WOULDN'T believe a drunk hobo pirate? Geez. Back to the story, it was cold, SO cold, a FREEZING, BONE CHILLING....... 61 degrees F. The drunk pirates finally began to convince people that there WAS something wrong. The pirates met on tortuga to come up with a plan to stop the 61 degree weather. The pirates argued and argued. One man said "Let's go find Doc Grog and tickle him!!!!!!!" Nobody listened to him. Another man shouted "WHAT'Z GOIN OWWWN PEEPSSSS!!!!??????" and everyone looked at him. He was skinny and short, he had a long grey beard and wore a dark black tank top, he had a dark black bandana on, a bright green bandana, and bright red pants, plus, wooded shoes. "THE WISE MAN!" The pirates shouted and all bowed to him. "Your 61 degree problem is a telling of something worse..... much worse..... I can give a hint on what it is.... PINK!!!!!!!!!!" And with that The Old Wise man ran off saying "LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALAL" like a monkey. The Pirates new something was wrong, the didn't know what Pink was!! They got in there ships and went to Best-Pir to get a Smartphone to look up in a online pay-to-use dictionary what the word Pink meant. When they got to Best-Pir they bought there smartphones and used the pay-to-use dictionary to find out what pink meant. "A color" They now knew what Pink meant! A color. it had a picture of Pink. The pirates hurried back to Tortuga. They looked for Pink and burned everything that was pink with a state-of-the-art....... - drum roll - Non-Created-Super-Powerful-Mega-Awesome-Automatic-Scary-Atomic-Bomb-That-Nobody-Had-In-The-1750's. They burned a house that was brown, and a man that had a magenta shirt on. Then.... they saw something... so scary.... they fell over..... THERE WAS A TACO BELL IN THE SWAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the pirates SCREAMED WITH JOY and ran over to the Taco Bell to buy Taco's with there.... -drum roll- NON-CREATED-SUPER-MEGA-PIRATE-CREDIT-CARDS-THAT-WERE-NEVER-MADE-FOR-100'S-OF-YEARS-USED-TO-BY-TACO'S-AT-TACO-BELL-CREDIT-CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The pirates walked out of the 1700's century Taco Bell, they were very full. As they staggered around Tortuga, so full, so so SO SOO SOOO full, they heard a loud roar come from Tormenta, and the Pirates knew, the DRUNK pirates knew, and the Taco's knew, this Pink Monster that the Old Wise Man had told the Pirates of, was here.

The Pirates were afraid. "WHAT'S THE NOISE???" Screamed a pirate who was so full with the 99,000 taco's he had ate at Taco Bell. The Pirates called a meeting in the King's Arm Tavern. "What should we do?! The Old Wise Man always tells us the truth, well, not when he was talking about the Man-Eating-Taco's but 20% of the time he tells the truth if the Pink Monster is to come we shall all die!" Said a younger, fatter, pirate in the corner. "We must do something!! If it is to get to Tortuga Pirate life as we know it will be gone!!" Said a child. "Let's see," said a old man. "How did we get rid of the EITC?" "Over feeding their lords..." the crowd mumbled. "How did we beat El Patron?" "He tripped and is to stupid to stand back up" the crowed mumbled again. "How did we defeat Jolly Roger and his skeletons!?" the Old man said shouting now. "Jolly Roger tripped on a block of ice and fell down a cave, and we gave the skeletons rum!" The Pirates in the crowed shouted back. "WE WILL GIVE THE PINK MONSTER RUM, THEN MAKE IT FAT WITH FOOD, THEN TRIP IT, THE MAKE IT SLIP ON A BLOCK OF ICE AND FULL OFF A CLIFF!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted the people in the crowed and they DASHED off to get to there ships to sail to Isla Tormenta.

Frank Bunny attack ship

Law's ship, The Death Monkey, under attack from Fepmb the Giant Bunny.

There were many ships setting sail for Tormenta. Lawrence Daggerpaine, guild master of Gen. of Peace had set sail on his War Frigate, The Death Monkey. The Death Monkey was the best ship in the Caribbean. Lawrence and his crew got the cannons ready. Right as he set the cannons up.... something fuzzy appeared. It was huge, around 123 feet tall. It grabbed Lawrence and looked at him, "GAHGAHGAHGAHGAHGAHHEHEHEHEGAHGAHGAHGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' It said jumping up and down in the water. The crew remembered something! THEY WOULD NEVER SURVIVE WITHOUT THEIR MAGIC TACO'S FROM TACO BELL TO OFFER TO THE GIANT BUNNY. "GMLAHAHA! MEMHAHHHHHHEEEKKKKKKKF? AHRJRMFJU!!!!!!!!" said the Giant bunny (Translation: Where r my taco's from Taco Bell!!! BUNNY WANT TACO'S BUNNY WANT TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) The Bunny smashed the ship. The sound could be heard from anywhere in the caribbean. And the drunk pirates knew, that the monkey's had had a accident from the smell.... but they ALSO knew that..... THEY NEEDED MORE TACOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ships were coming in fast to the Giant Pink Bunny Code Named: Fepmb said (F e 'em boo) (Fuzzy-Evil-Pink-Monster-Bunny) by the Pirate, Italian, and English governments. But more well known as Frank by most people.

Frank was getting closer to Tortuga. Frank needed food! He was near Port Royal and saw cameramen using - drum roll - Non-Created-Nikon-Cameras-Built-In-The-1700's. The dock was crowded with people saying "Ooh!" as Frank walked by. Little did they know.... he was a man-eating bunny!! He hopped onto the dock. People ran as he hopped on them and bit them to pieces. There was one person who you wouldn't tell apart from the others unless you looked closely. It was Soar, the younger brother of the King of Italy, King Shadow Sail. Soar watched the bunny and just said... "Oink!" The bunny looked at him and thought "WALKING TACO FROM TACO BELL!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D" The Bunny tried to bite him but he ran. There is NOTHING like.... A-123-Foot-Tall-Pink-Giant-Man-Eating-Bunny-Trying-To-Bite-You-and-Chasing-You to get you running. Soar dashed in and out of shops. "MOO MOO MOO MOO MOO!" He yelled. He remembered! HE HADN'T EATTEN CARIBBEAN 1750'S TACO BELL IN 3 MINUTES! He dashed into Taco Bell. "ME NEED TACO ME NEED TACO ME NEED TACO!" He yelled at the man who gave him a Taco. He dashed out as he saw the bunny turn around and go back into the Water. On Tortuga people began to set up a barricade. Because most people on Tortuga were drunk they built the barricade out of.... BUNNY FOOD!!! See, at Best-Pri they bought a NEW smartphone and because they were drunk they thought bunny FOOD meant Bunny Repel! So now there was a wall of Bunny Food around Tortuga. "WE'RE SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled a man. "OOH BUNNY FOOD!" Yelled a drunken man who ran out into the water.... after five feet into the water he screamed! Were the Bunnies coming you might ask. No, a crab had touched him. "RUM ALL AROUND!" Yelled a man! "WAIT! We only have ONE glass of rum...." said a child. Suddenly, they all leaped for the rum, stabbing each other and biting each other. Just then a HUGE wave smashed into the island. They looked and saw a Giant 123 foot tall Bunny coming. "HERE HE COMES GET OT THE SHELTERS!" Yelled some pirates. ALL the pirates ran to the beach and but a piece of paper over their heads. "HE CAN'T SEE US NOW! WE ARE SAVED" yelled the pirates. But they were not...


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