Atlantica, commonly called Atlantis, is the capital of the great Shipratian Empire. Discovered 5,000 years ago by Jonan Dacks and his crews on-board the Ilos, Primia, and Vincent merchant ships. They found the city somewhere in the mid-Atlantic near the Caribbean. The city appeared to float on the water and appeared to be made entirely of a strange metal. When more ships arrived bearing scientists they discovered the city had been abandoned when men still lived in caves.

After around 3 years of study, the first immigrants began arriving to colonize the newly found city. The city was able to settle somewhere around 10,000 people within it's massive area. Unlike most cities, this city has an advanced disease control system where it automatically seals bulkhead like doors that are airtight and has a type of shield that is believed to be impenetrable to everything when it has 3 talismans called ZPM's. The city also has a chair that can supposedly control bright-orange beings that are said to be able to blow up entire SOTL's with one shot and that only people of a certain bloodline can control the beings.

Atlantica: Stats and Info

Population: 8,754

Length: 12 Km.

Width: 12 Km.

Higth: 4 Km.

Atlantica is now the capital of the Shipratian Empire.

Atlantica has never been invaded or even approached by an enemy fleet before since the original inhabitants flee from an "Unknown Enemy".

Atlantica is a home of what some people believe are Light Beings, texts found state they're called Ascended Beings.

Government: Democracy

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