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Welcome to the Assassin's Clan War Chest. In here you will find the history of wars that the Assassins have fought in, their outcomes and brief summary.


The Siege of Fort Charles

Combatants: Assassin's Clan vs. Elite Musket Men

Purpose: Dispute about who rules Fort Charles as their base.

Battles: Land-5 Sea-1 ; Won 5/5 Land and 1/1 Sea

Place: Vachira Ocean, Fort Charles, France, Spain.

Outcome: Assassins won, but made an agreement with EMM. This agreement entitled EMM to have Fort Charles as their base and the Assassins to have Kingshead and Raven's Cove. Both guild's guild server is Vachira.

The Assassins entered Fort Charles. As they approached their campground they began to see blue dots on their compass. So, they decided to meet in the council room and decide what to do. The conclusion was to drive out the supposed 'invaders', the Elite Musket Men. Busting down the gate, the assasins drew their swords and pistols. Others hurled smoke bombs into the camp, blinding vision. When the smoke had cleared, two armies faced eachother- one in uniform the other not. Ready to defend what they though was theirs, the EMM drew their muskets and formed into a musket line, their signature battle stance. Unnerved, the assassins fired the first few shots into an abyss of smoke and fire. Grenades were hurled, and using the tactics they had been taught, the Assassin's used the trees and rocks for cover. Then, after about five minutes of skirmishing, one of the head Musket Men stepped forward and asked us why we were invading. A few minutes later PvP arose. In total there were five games, all won by the Assassins. But, the EMM broke the covenant we had agreed upon that entitled the winners to the Fort. So, enraged at their lies, the Assassins challenged the EMM to SvS and the winner would get Fort Charles. The Assassins didn't hold off and destroyed the EMM in a grand sea battle as well. Still reluctant to give up their base, the Musket Men begged our GM, Davy, to make a deal with them. Davy is a man that can pick out a good deal when he sees one. So, he made a deal with the Musket Men that gave them back their precious Fort Charles while the Assassins gained Kingshead and kept control of Raven's Cove. They treaty also stated that there would be no attacks on either base or members. Battle Date: July 2011

Final Results of a few of the PvP matches and the Sea Battle

Outcome - Elite Musket Men's guild fell from disorder from the war

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