Smoke clans island

this is a island controled by smoke clan though not all people are hostile here are some of the enemys

Enemys on the island

Smoke clan apprentice lvl 5 - 10

Smoke clan rifleman lvl 10 - 19 ( this enemy can shoot u )

Smoke clan firing squad lvl 20 to lvl 25 ( hint do not take on a firing squad alone there is more than 1 enemy in a firing squad and they can shoot u )

Smoke clan Drainer lvl 27 - 30 ( a drainer can drain ur health and voodoo when there razor talons sink into u )

Rogue lvl 30-43 ( warning do not fight these alone they may seem small to u lvl50 but the are still better than lvl 50 thrall captain)

Bandido ( can be any lvl between 20 and 37 )

Rogue Grenadier lvl 40-55( this enemy is over lvl but is not hard to defeat 2 lvl 35 or 37 pirates could defeat it )

Smoke clan Bodyguard lvl ?? ( rarely spawn in places and if theres like a important boss they spawn there )

Smoke clan warrior ( can be lvl 20-50)

smoke clan deputy LVL 40-50 ( note this is a special enemy there is only one of them and its a boss

smoke clan leader lvl 39 ( note theres only one of him and hes a real player and thats his real lvl )


Clawheart lvl 35-37 Smoke clan drainer

Anthony samuels lvl 39 or 40 ( this is a real player but i forgot if he a lvl 39 or 40 last time i saw him he lvl 39 he not always on this island

i dont know there deputys name because its a real player


Town ( no enemys but there are alot of NCP in the town most of which are soldiers)

Lava peaks ( very top of ash volcanoe very high enemys to )

Bandits town ( crawling with rogues and bandits )

Ash volcanoe ( medium enemy lvls )

Ash volcanoe underground caves ( there are eitc and navy there fighting smoke clan and bandits)

Ash volcanoe heart ( very hard place to get to and its extremely active and u have to pass there to get to lava peaks there are extremly tough enemy there also if u dont time it right the lava will hit u and ur knocked out and if u stand on active smoke vents u will lose health

Smoke clan palace ( all smoke clan enemys very hard place to get into )

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