Army of Rogues was an army guild started by John Breasly to fight Captain Leon before he began to side with him. It was started in November of 1724 (2010) and helped any EITC given the Pirate brand by Leon.


  1. ~General = John Breasly
  2. ~Lieutenant Colonel = William Damproberts
  3. ~Colonel = Chris Warhound
  4. ~Sergeant Major = Dead Skull
  5. ~Major = Infantryguy
  6. ~Captain = Not Chosen
  7. ~Lieutnenant = Not Chosen
  8. ~Sergeant = Not Chosen
  9. ~Corporal = Not Chosen
  10. ~Private =Everyone else



This guild was deleted when the guildmaster decided to merge with Viceroyalty Co.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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