This guild is a recreation of the United states Armed Forces omitting the United States Air Force. We have a Delta Force, Navy SEAL, Military Police, and Army/Marine Ranger regiment. These are the most elite of our forces and thus the hardest to enter. To be a Delta Force operative you must be a Ranger or SEAL for a year real world time and be a Sergeant Major or up. To join the Military Police force you must be a Officer in ranks Guild/ Branch for Six months real world time.

Ranks of the Department of the Army

E-1 Private E-1= No uniform or rank requirements- PV1.
E-2 Private E-2= Uniform to follow. Rank 5-10- PV2.
E-3 Private First Class- Uniform to follow. Ranks 10-15- PFC.
Uniform- Class Acu ( Formal Wear )- Rough Tricorn, 44Doubloon Breeches, Prince Shirt, Green Coat, French Assassin Boots.
Corporal-CPL- Uniform to follow. Ranks 15-25.
Specialist-SPC- Uniform to follow. Ranks 15-15.

Sergeant-SGT- Uniform to follow. Ranks 25-30.
Staff Sergeant-SSG- Uniform to follow. Ranks 25-35.
Sergeant First Class -SFC- Uniform to follow. Ranks 30-35.
Master Sergeant -MSG- Uniform to follow. Ranks 35-40.
First Sergeant -1SG- Uniform to follow. Ranks 35-40.
Sergeant Major -SGM- Uniform to follow. Ranks 40-45.
Command Sergeant Major -CSM- Uniform to follow . Ranks 45-50.
Sergeant Major of the Army -SMA- Uniform to follow. Rank 50. No exceptions.
Uniform- Class Acu ( Formal Wear ) - Valentine Boots, French Assassin Breeches, Prince Shirt, French Assassin Hat, Money Coat.
Second Lieutenant- 2LT- Uniform to follow. Levels- 46-50.
First Lieutenant- 1LT- Uniform to follow. Levels 47-50.

Captain- CPT- Uniform to Follow. Levels 48-50

Lieutenant Colonel- LTC- Uniform to follow. Levels 49-50.

Colonel- COL- Uniform to follow Level 50.

General Officer-

Brigader General. Uniform to follow. Cap on all. No exeptions.

Major General. Uniform to follow. Caoin all. No exceptions.

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