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  • Dad: ???
  • Mom: Paula Martinez
  • Age: 26
  • My job: Minister of Welfare for Switzerland :D
  • Nicknames: Ari
  •  My Signature:


About Me

I am a 26 Year old woman and am Swiss Minister of Welfare. My birthday is on December 20, 1720. I was born in France, even though I am Spanish. My mother wanted to get away from my dad. We started a new life, she became a maid. I learned French to make friends and then when I turned 14, we moved to Milan so we could be happy, but the French, later that year in October marched in and fought the War of Polish Succession. I barely made it, and soon enough, I was drafted by the French to fight. When I left the French army, I decided to start a new life with a different less violent career. In 1742 I moved to Uri, Switzerland until I became Swiss Minister of Welfare.

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