Arg! is a guild made and run by the very mysterious and wild pirate named Chiodos. The guild was formed on
Screenshot 2012-06-19 19-05-05

GM Chiodos fears nobody... even the noobs of Ocean's Cult!

6/19/12 by Chiodos.


Chiodos' goal for his guild is to get it to be one of the most active guilds in the caribbean, in the quickest amount of time possible. He wants his members to be fearless pirates, who will laugh and spit in the face of anybody they want, especially the most feared enemies, pirates, or guilds in the Caribbean.

Requirements for Joining

There are NO requirements for joining this guild, all that is asked is that you be an active pirate. If you are not very active, and do not state a good reason why, you may be booted from the guild at any moment to make room for others to join.


The only rule in the guild is that you must be respectful to any pirate that is IN the guild... this means that if a pirate is not in the guild you are not required to show any respect to them if you wish. Anything goes when it comes to Arg!


If you wish to join Arg!, say so in the comments section for this wiki.

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