Area 00

Area 00 is a top secret base that was made by _____ to make sure the world never found out about ______ and ____________. Some think that the founder started Area 00 because he wants to cover up that he himself is a _____! While others believe he's just doing it to fool people. Even so, they still come in large numbers to look at Area 00. Some are lucky enough to find themselves with a job in Area 00! But they aren't so lucky, because whoever get's a job there mysteriously..... GROWS A BEARD!!!!!

Open positions





Base of Operation

Where every pirate wishes to die


Jason Yelloweagle ~ Founder/CEO


Like we're gonna tell you what's in there!

Quotes from the CEOs

"Whenever it seems like we're alone, and there's no hope of finding and covering up anything. We never give up." -- Current CEO, Jason Yelloweagle
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