Approval: End this War Forever pertains to role-play.

Chaos.... Thats the word for the past YEARS! So Hopefully this can be setttled on a Final Svs WAR.... The EITC won't quit. The Paradox won't quit. They're both strong. So now we can End it. I Lord Maxamillion wish that this will be approved... Hopefully everybody else



  • No Light Sloops
  • Unlmited Ships
  • No Running for to long
  • NO PORTING UNTIL MERCY IS CALLED ~ Why? So nobody thinks One team won, when it was the other or something like that/ NO CONFUSION


This is the EITC/ French Side, these people will support or help in this War against the Paradox


  1. Samantha Goldshot - Decksteel (Paradox ticks me off)

Spain Side

This is the Paradox/ Spain Side, these people will support or helm in this War against the EITC



Will be decided, or won't if not approved by both King Julius Casear/Spain and King John Breasly/EITC

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