Antik's Beast
Antik's Beast was discovered by a sailor back in 1700 on Antik.This fish is a legendary fish only that sailor has caught one and survived.It is said that this beast can only be found on Antik.It is said that it killed all of the legendary fish on Antik and only feeds off of humans and legendary fish.As you see the picture don't be fooled by its small teeth there are hundreds and hundreds of tiny teeth.It'll chew up its victim and search for the heart as it eats the heart it grows stronger and stronger.Their Yellow eyes stalk fish and fishing boats just waiting for their next victim to take a dip in the water.Their Yellow Eyes are special it is for them to see they do not shine but they do in daylight but at night their look back but truly are yellow at the sight.They are about 100 feet long and their yellows can be so bright at night they could blind their prey and chew them up while their prey can't see.It may look like it has a shell but don't be fooled the shell of this beast can be large nothing can break it they use their shells for sinking ships which their shells have one big spike on their back, poking holes in ships.
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