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The Anti-Leon League was founded by Capt. Skull X, and Rockhopper on April 21, 1722. The League was created to prevent Leon from joining many groups and guilds on POTCO, making his life miserable on the game.

About The League

To join the Anti-Leon League you simply have to post a comment and say you would like to join the League. If your a guildmaster you can add your guild to the Anti-Leon League. If you add your guild it means your guild will NOT aid Leon, AT ALL. If you join you are to not friend him (although you may keep him on your friends list, you may not be friendly to him), not allow him on your ship, do not help him level, fish, do not guild him, do not crew him, etc.


  • Do not befriend Captain Leon, although keeping him on your friends list is allowed.
  • Do not help Captain Leon at all, no matter what, do not help him level up, sail, fish.
  • Do not crew Captain Leon.
  • Do not guild Captain Leon.
  • Do not talk to Captain Leon.
  • IGNORE Captain Leon.



  • Capt. Skull X - Founder
  • Rockhopper - Founder
  • Edgar WIldrat
  • Lord Samuel Redbeard
  • User:TheLight
  • Jeffrey Blasthawk
  • Lawrence Daggerpaine
  • Simon Treasurehawk
  • Nicholas Nikolai
  • Edward Daggerhawk
  • Mega
  • Bobby Moon
  • Jamie the Second
  • N.R.
  • Nicholas Nikolai
  • John Macbatten


  • Skull's Marines Co.
  • Maruaders Militia
  • Gen. Of Peace
  • Co. Black Guard
  • Grande Doubloons
  • Skull's Bootcamp
  • Viceroyalty Co.
  • Moon's Crew
  • Soldiers of Hell
  • Order of Nautilus
  • The Danish Empire
  • The Paradox


  • The Bacon Squad
  • The Smoffers
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