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Anti Bob

Anti-Bob (AKA Ybbob Noom) is the evil twin of Bobby Moon. She has dark hair and enjoys wearing large amounts of pink. She is known to have no tattoos or piercings. Personality wise, Anti-Bob is nice to everyone and is a very caring person. THE HORROR!! When interviewed for the Miss Port Royal pageant, Ybbob Noom said that her goal in life is to join the EITC and own a bunny farm.

If Anti-Bob is Spotted

  • Do not eat whatever baked good she tries to give you! It is baked with love!!
  • Hit her with a frying pan or any heavy object.
  • Run.
  • Hide.
  • Run in circles and scream naughty words in Turkish.
  • Send up a flare.
  • Buy some Canadian bacon.
  • Push her down a well.
  • Alert Bobby Moon so that she can change her name, buy a fake mustache, and flee the country.
  • BEST OPTION- All of the above.
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