Chapter 1.)!

One day I was (Zeke Cutlerbane) walking around the sunny shores of Port Royal. Then the EITC High Lord came up to me and said,

Sargent Zeke, Lord Beckett needs you for a mission.
Top Secret


So I launched a ship with Lord Becketts daughter, while we drove to kingshead... Halfway there we found some unexpected guests

Chapter 2.)!

We where almost there, me and Isabel Beckett were watching from the back of the ship. We where talking… and the ou of no were several war frigates came out. Then I heard a BOOM. We where under attack! Pirate war frigates where after us. We went full speed and quickly lost the ships. We sailed on the uncharted oceans. For a awhile me and Miss. Beckett talked. Then we docked. The few EITC where there and we got our next mission. I was to guard Miss. Isabel Beckett, so we walked and all of a sudden! The doors where breached, pirates where flooding in everywhere.

Chapter 3.)!

When me and Isabel heard this we fled into the nearest room. We locked the door, and sat down. It turns out it was her bedroom. We talked for awhile... Then she showed me things.. she also wrote things in her journal. We heard the fighting and screaming, then the doors fell and several pirates came in. I fought them off I took Isabel Beckett with me and we regrouped with other men. We all headed to the heart of Kingshead where most of the EITC where retreating too. We fought our way through, until we where at the heart. Then the pirates got to the heart.... and it was our last stand.

Chapter 4.)!

Kingshead was overrun, I took Miss. Beckett to the back of the secret dock in Kingshead. We just got away with our lives we got away to Padres Del Fuego. From there we launched a Royal Navy Sloop. Miss. Beckett told me that she love me, and we kissed. Then news went out. Isabel Beckett is missing. During those times I was heart-broken but still served as a EITC high officer. But then I was discharged from the EITC and was sent to be hanged.

Part 2: Chapter 5.)!

I was the day. I was at Fort Charles, Port Royal. I was about to die. Then out of the top of the walls grenades flew Palladins raided the fort and got me out of there. I was now considered a wanted pirate. I was chased, lived on the street. Until the day Isabel Beckett returned from hiding. We met up in a alley on Tortuga she told me all about how she was kidnapped. We talked for awhile. We talked, were friends for months. Until one night, in the heart of Kingshead she told me, how she felt about me.

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