Back to crew page Ethnic group: Dutch

Hair color: Black
Dutch pirate

Eye color: brown

Height: 6'4

Born: June 2, 1705

Bounty: 1,000 gold.

Ships: "The Scarlet Dragon"

Andy Flounders story

The crew took port at Padres to pick up some recruits. There they found several Dutch privateers on the docks begging for cash so they could repair their ship and sail back to their land. The men were willing to work for the money. Hobo, still in search of crew mates, said he would pay them if they joined the crew. They agreed. After 2 weeks out at sea they once again took port with a large stockpile of loot. The former Dutch captain, Andy Flounder, enjoyed the trill of piracy so he joined the crew while the rest of his men sailed home.

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