Ana is a mermaid and the princess of the underwater kingdom of Atlantia. She was involved greatly in the Battle in Atlantia. She was kidnapped by Death Mites (see Battle in Atlantia for more info) and kept in their dungeon untill King Poseidon would surrender the trident. She was rescued by her father who still remains king
Ana on beach

Ana on the beach

of Atlantia. Ana also discovered the Dark Kraken. While exploring a cave near Cuba, she was attacked by a large Kraken. When it left its cave into the light it yelped and fled into its dark cave.

Job and Personality

Ana is a worker at "The Hungry Tuna," a resturaunt in Atlantia. The resturaunt is a very expensive, nice resturaunt. She works as the buissness owner. She also is extreamly curious. She likes to explore undiscovered things which usually leads to danger.


Father: King Poseidon

Mother: Queen Amphitrite

Brother: Mark

Sisters: Aleena, Elise, Carol

Major Events

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