The Journal

This coded journal belonged to James, the first mate of the Lighting Wolf. He wrote this in aztec cursed language to give signs to the next legendary pirates. James predicted the future and he often had visions so he wrote this journal for the younger generations of the Barbarusneir family. The first man to read the journal was Captain John Fatbeard, but after he read the journal he disappered. His son now Jack Darksilver is encoding the journal bit by bit.

´´Havin´ loyal mates and friends will get ye fast to the dark mysteries of it all, gold, rum, and women will get you nowhere....´´


Joinin´ the crew.

´´I have traveled years to get from Hispania to the Caribbean only to join a certain pirate crew that will lead meself to glory´´

´´Captain Fatbeard and his legendary ship The Lightning Wolf. Fatbeard, Keeper of the Code. Pirate King of the Spanish Brethren Court, and a pirate.

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