The Adventures of Me :D

The Prince of the India

In the middle of the Indian subcontinent, Lady Stormwalker accompanied by her trusted servants and a Bengal guide that she had only met a few hours ago in a bustling bazaar; travel deep into the forever flamboyant jungle. With the whoosh of swords slicing through the vegetation and animals making their sounds, the music of the jungle transverses through the lovely ears of Lady Stormwalker as she is carried by her servants in her ornate Sedan chair. She quickly remarks quite loudly “This heat is going to mess up my hair!”. With expecting the silence of the jungle her guide stands at her attention and answers “Do not be the worrying, my goord lady. The Tipu Sultan will take care of you.” To that she rolls her eyes upon inspecting her hair.  


Stormwalker's Sedan Chair

Hours passed as the small group travels through the ever winding paths and forgotten roads that littered the lands, to that finally would end in a final destination. To the surprise of the Lady Stormwalker, she was awaken from her days of boredom to be welcomed by her guide as he spoke “Me Lady, the Palace is just along the road!”. Her eyes widen and her posture improves as they reach the Palace gates. She gazes upon the architecture and the magnificent that is the Summer Palace of the Tipu Sultan.The masonry of the stone to the Gold encrusted detailing to the Marble flooring; the palace was truly a marvel. As the wide gates slowly swing open on their hinges the lady’s eyes widen and a smile appeared on her blessed face as she looks around the newly discovered area of that is the lush and Tropical garden of the Sultan. Rivers that rushed so peacefully with green plants and trees give a home to the chirping birds that has nested in the garden before gave her the awe desiring need to inquire more of this Sultan.

More to come :D

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