This vessel was designed by the EITCSI!
Advanced War Brig


When Captain Robert's vessel the HMS Kronus came out and bought by Captain Robert, Robert loved the vessel very much. It's massive size and power would allow the EITC to become the greatest force on the Seven Seas. Finally Robert's assassin's stole the designs from Daggerpaine Industries and were sent to Robert. Robert saw the designs and immediatly sent them to England that way the East India Trading Co. Shipwright Industry would manaufacture these vessels. But something happened between sending them to England that the designs were smugged with coffee. Robert died in an ' accidental ' explosion aboard the HMS Kronus. By the time they reached England, they couldn't figure out how to design for ASOTL. Robert Macmonger however was able to design a better vessel called the Advanced War Brig for the EITC and Royal Navy.


As of today, the EITCSI only builds these only if you special order them and these ARE NOT sold to ANY AND ALL pirates. Only EITC and Royal Navy Personal are allowed to order these. For it's magnifiecent design and size and speed it's the best EITC or Royal Navy vessel that are on the Seven Seas.

Stats of Vessel

Hull Made from strong wood and some parts of it where comprised of Steel. 13000 Hull
Cannons Cannons have rapid reload power and can shoot three cannon balls at once. 18 Deck Cannons, 20 lower Deck Cannons
Sails Comprised of strong silk and are know to go 60 mph in strong winds 16 sails
Cargo Hold Two decks for cargo and three decks for cannons Around 150 Cargo crates can be inside it
Fastest Speed On normal days normally around 45 mph Fastest speed: 60 mph
Cost Because this ship is expensive it is rather expensive 750,000 gold pieces
Sold to: These ship are only avaiable to Royal Navy and EITC personal No pirates allowed to buy or even look at these vessels!

Cannon Specks

The cannons aboard consist of the 18 deck cannons, 9 left and 9 right sides , and two front triple gun cannons in the front.

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