Admiral Miz is a pirate who lives in Port Royal and is a British Privateer who was once an Infamous Pirate before he became one of the seven Warlords of the Sea. He also proclaims to be the leader of the Warlords even though he is one of the weakest.

Early Life, Piracy and Pirate Lord

Miz was born to a high-middle class family in Tortuga and at the age of 15 he would set out to sea to become a pirate, he would quickly gather a crew around 50 (which were drunk most of the time) and would mainly attack small Sloops when he had a War Galleon. He would later join Victor Creed Logan's Brethren Court and become the "Pirate Prince" to which he would sail claiming to be the greatest Pirate of all time, when he got a 50,000,000 Berry Bounty on him.

Warlord of the Goverments -

Miz would later become Admiral of the Pirate Armada but his greed would get the best of him and would renounce his pirate ways and killed his crew in the night setting his own ship ablaze he would then join the 7 Warlords of the World Goverment his bounty would be dropped and he would eat 2 pieces of the Gum Gum Fruit giving him the powers of ego/arrogance and the ablility to turn himself into sand. He has since he has been hunted by various pirates.

Other Apperances

Miz would make an apperance as The Leader of The Worlds Goverment and would try to kill Jim Logan but would instead be shot with his own gun and would be killed.

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