Abnormalty, Founded December 28th 2011 by "Whatsherface", is a very well-known, strong, able-bodied Guild in POTCO. Currently, Roger Plundermonk is the Guildmaster, and the guild is still running strong after Whatsherface's leave of adsence.


  1. Guildmaster - Roger Plundermonk
  2. Top Officers - Meg McGrim, Sever, Stephen, and Peter Stormskull
  3. First Officers - Jelly, Rachel Stormhound, Lilly the Disturbed
  4. Chief Communications Officers - Jack Pistol and Richard Goldvane
  5. Peace Keeper - Country Boy

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August 2012:

Guild meetings are every Sunday at 4PM Pacific / 6PM Central / 7PM Eastern.

Just come online and we'll announce the location each week.

Abnormality will be running a Guild contest from Monday, August 27 through September 1 (That's 6 days.)

The contest will be Enemies Defeated. Please visit our full Guild site here for full details!

The top 5 Guild members in enemies defeated over these 6 days will receive a Game Card good for a one month Free POTCO membership.


Abnormality Abnormality is a member of Abnormality!
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