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{{Abnormal}} Code:Abnormal.
{{Abnormal}} Code:Abnormal.
Jeffrey wanna join can jeff join? :D i delete when i get answer

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Abnormalty, Founded December 28th 2011 by "Whatsherface", is a very well-known, strong, able-bodied Guild in POTCO. Currently, Roger Plundermonk is the Guildmaster, and the guild is still running strong after Whatsherface's leave of adsence.


  1. Guildmaster - Roger Plundermonk
  2. Head Officer - Meg O'rat
  • Commanding Offers:
  1. TBA

Members with Wiki Users:


August 2012:

Guild page created. Awaiting edits by Roger and Jack!


Abnormality Abnormality is a member of Abnormality!
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