Attention, People of the Caribbean. I need your help, Yes, YOUR help in finding something very important to me. Very VERY Important to me. Now I bet your wondering, -in high falsetto voice- "Oh Jim, what in the world could you have POSSIBLY lost that is, like, SO important." Well, I'll tell you.

Screenshot 2011-05-19 21-17-07

Where are they?!

My pants.

Yes, yes I lost my pants. And there is a very good story behind it too. But Im not going to talk about it right now. I need to find my pants first. If you really want to know HOW I lost my pants, you can ask later. Not now. I SAID NOT NOW JOHN EH! Anyway, If you have any idea where my pants are, please just post a comment about where they are. And, no Edgar, they are NOT in my sea chest. Crazy loon....

Anyway, just tell me where they are, and who stole them. You may even get a reward...

We already found my pants.

My eternal gratitude.

And everyone else's.

Good luck... You'll need it.

EDIT: Thanks to the efforts of my -cough cough- numerous fans... Or some guy who had Peanut Butter, I was able to get a temporary pair of pants. Um... yeah... Lets say those pants... weren't top notch quality. Chose the wrong day not to wear underwear too...

HAPPY NEWS: I HAVE FOUND MY PANTS!! Guess what?! They were in the Rowdy Rooster... Ah Who would have thought. But that still leaves one question unanswered, How did they get there? Please help me!!

Screenshot 2011-05-19 21-23-25

These are a picture of my pants.Oh pants... Where could you have gone..?

Screenshot 2011-05-19 21-26-04

Give me the pants and no one gets hurt...That badly...

Screenshot 2011-05-19 21-21-36

These are not my pants.But they do look good on me.

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