Avast! Here be a Pirates Online Love Story. This story is about a boy and a girl, that are from two very different sides. One from the East Indian Trading Company, one from the pirates. As you know, the EITC and the pirates hate each other deeply. The young girl hated being a daughter of someone in the EITC. Her father would only talk about their plans to destroy the pirates, the rules about no talking to anyone outside of the EITC, and about how one day, she would become someone very important in the EITC. The young boy was always too busy training for battle against the EITC. His father wouldn't let him talk to anyone outside of the pirates, and would say he would become a pirate lord. These two children hated their lives, until one day, these two met, and neither would be the same ever again....


Amelia Bluehart was a lonely girl, stuck in her father's house on the top of Kings Head. Her father was a very wealthy EITC lord. He was always busy, and forbid anyone who wasn't EITC to talk to her, or even be in her presence. To be continued


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