The new ship the Wall Of The Sea!!!! Hey potco players! I bet everyone knows about the bounty hunter warships the tally Ho,En Garde, and Battle Royale. The three bounty hunter warships are pretty cool but they are somewhat easy for high lvl like mid 30s,40s and 50s so I have a idea of making a new bounty hunter!

This ship will have massive armor and heavenly armed cannons that shoot fire brand and sometimes fury but very very weak fury. The ship might come after the three warships come because this won would be to hard with other warships at her sides. The ship's appearance will be rare like the queen annes revenge a couple months after she was released.

This ship may be more powerful then the ship of line in fleets. More about the ship is listed below.
The new ship

The new ship the sea serprent.

ships level: 59-62. ships hp: unknown. broad sides: 49 each side, the lowest is 35. bow cannons: 2. stern cannons: non. strongest area: bow. weakest area: stern.

The ships at her side will mostly be the vengeance or century hawk. If you look closely at the picture you can count the number of broadsides and see the cannons I drew on the ship. This ship was originally the battle royale but I changed the name added front cannons and more broadside cannons,It looks EPIC!! If you have suggestions for the ship post them in the comment area,

DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE, unless it is a spelling or grammar issue!! Good luck sailing these dangerous waters! :D

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