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Chapter 1

It was a sunny day amidst all of the do-gooders and traders on Port Royal Atticus stood out of the crowd with his grey hair and Sea Blue Jacket, a sailor man Atticus had once been a hero of wars in the past but now he was retired...or so he thought. This day would be remembered as a faithful day for little did Atticus know but he was being watched. A dagger whizzed by, narrowly missing Atticus and hitting a young offender. A second dagger shot by from the other side of the street from a concealed location, unlike its predecessor this weapon met its mark more accurately cutting a large scar in Bitter's arm. "OW!" screamed Atticus. He whirred around, looking for the source. He noticed an oddly placed Admirals hat. He walked over to it, only to discover that it was none other than Remy. The man had been hunting Atticus with his friend, Jeffrey Blasthawk. Atticus drew his dagger and put it to Remy's throat. "Finish him!!!!!" shouted Remy. A third dagger was thrown but missed Atticus only to cut off Remy's left ear. "JEFFREY WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" yelled Remy. "The game has changed, old friend!" replied Jeffrey. "May I?" inquired Atticus. "Be my guest!" answered Jeffrey. On that note, Atticus slit Remy's throat and threw him into the water. "Follow me Jeffrey!" said Atticus. "Ok!" replied Jeffrey. They walked to Atticus's office in Fort Kilomina. When they entered the office, Atticus II greeted his father. "Dad, who is this?" asked Atticus II. "This is a new client!" said Atticus. "Nice to meet you...erm" said Atticus II. "Jeffrey!" Mr. Blasthawk said, cutting in. "Okay!" replied Atticus II

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Definite Characters

  • Atticus Bitter Sr.

Expected Characters

  • Atticus Bitter II


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