AI Jason is the embodiment of Jason Shiprat's evil, slyness, and darkness. He is an exact twin of Jason and instead of fighting for good he fights for evil. He is only equaled to Annytin, the darkness that resides in Keira.


AI Jason is affiliated with several organizations including..........

The Dark

The Spanish

The Templars

Other evil organizations.........

People on his hit list

The Assassins


The British Empire

The French Empire

The Russian Empire

Everyone else not evil.........

His own rules

Dont screw with me!

Touch me without permission and die

Threaten me and die

Eyeball me and die


He is younger than Jason Shiprat by one hour.

He is currently dating Annytin.

He has only been seen "nice" when around people who act like him.

He hates Jason Shiprat but can't and won't kill him.

He likes to jump through the universes to see other realities and and mess around with civilizations.

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