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Scarletmerica is a country by Will Greasescarlett. It is south Antik. Capital District at Kingshead is sending guards to Lone Islands.The plan is to destroy Guild Executers and destroy the island.

Lone Islands is a freedom place to live and so is Scarletmerica.

Scarletmerica Side

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Romanian Empire Side


Romanian Empire - Romanian Domain


Ottoman Empire

744px-China Qing Dynasty Flag 1889.svg

Qing Dynasty


Scarletmerica fell to Romania and allies at the Battle of Kingshead, by Admiral Peter Coalus, Emperor Davy Hookwrecker, and King Spark. Meanwhile, Scarletmerican forces then fell to Paraxian Mercenaries lead by Christophus S. Bonus, leading to Romania's official taking of Scarletmerica.

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