Opening Statement

 We are a military guild funded by the United States and British Kingdom. We provide medical support to our allies, as well as other types of supporting roles including infantry in the form of a Military Police Force.

We are now doing evacuation details as the war ends. Taking down temporary buildings and other places now require engineers. Please join to fill this role.

Mission Statement

To provide regular infantry and medical support through MASH units to allied guilds. Will never refuse to support an ally for any reason excepting treason, in which case said party will be turned over to proper authority.

Recruiting Information

Any wishing to be recruited should look for:

John (Will be named as Colonel John Winters if trying to recruit people): GM, Commanding Officer. (Basic Access, Level 35)

Charolette Swordhayes: Officer, Head Nurse and current second in command. (Unlimited access, Level unknown)

Tom: Veteran, Sergeant, Company Clerk and Corpsman. Possible Military Police officer.Current Third in Command(Basic access, level 9-10)

Looking For

We are currently in need of 9 Female nurses level 10+, 9 Male  Surgeons level 10+, 9 Corpsmen and orderlies of either gender level 10+, 10 Military Police Officer preferably male level 15+ and Unlimited Access.  

If you are interested in any of these positions above, please contact any of the listed recruiters to enlist. Thank you.


NOTE: It is required to own at least a Dress or Field uniform before introduction.

Basic Access—Enlisted Dress—Headwear: None

Jacket/Vest: None

Shirt: Dark Yellow Linen Short Sleeve

Belt: Box Belt

Pants: Dark Brown Linen Highwaters

Shoes: Comfy Boots

Enlisted Field—Headwear: None

Jacket/Vest: Permitted, none required

Shirt: Dark Yellow Cotton Short Sleeve

Belt: Box Belt

Pants: Dark Green Cotton Trousers OR Linen Highwaters

Shows: Comfy Boots

Officer Dress—Hat: None

Jacket/Vest: None

Shirt: Dark Brown Linen Short Sleeve

Belt: Box Belt

Pants: Dark Brown Linen Highwaters

Boots: Comfy Boots

Officer Dress: Same as enlisted dress

Unlimited Access

Enlisted Dress—Same except Dark Yellow Linen Long Sleeve and Dark Brown Cotton Jacket

Enlisted Field—Same except Dark Yellow Linen Long Sleeve and Money Jacket or Dark Green Cotton Jacket

Officer Dress—Same as enlisted except Dark Brown Linen Long Sleeve and Dark Brown Cotton Jacket

Officer Field

Same as Enlisted Field


Infantry: All Infantry except Headquarters Battalion are based off of Fort Charles on the Tortos Server. Headquarters Battalion is based on Kingshead same Server.

Medical: There is 1 MASH Unit per Fort and Headquarters is split. Permanent units (Not MASH) are based at Fort Charles Tortos Server. MASH Headquarters is based at Doc Grog's same Server.

Insignia Gallery

1st Insignia- 1st Corps

2nd Insignia- 1st Corps Guidon used in important meetings, formations, etc.

3rd Insignia- 1st Corps Distinctive Unit Insignia

4th Insignia- Surgical Corps insignia

5th Insignia- Infantry Corps insignia

Associated Stores

Doc Grog's

McCraken's Weaponry- Port Royal

Truehound's Tailor- Port Royal

Basil's Barbershop- Port Royal

Pugratt's Tailor- Cuba

Ranks, Positions, and Specialties




Private First Class

Technical sergeant Fifth Class


Technical Sergeant Fourth Class


Technical Sergeant Third Class

Staff Sergeant

Technical Sergeant

Master Sergeant

First Sergeant


Second Lieutenant

First Lieutenant



Lieutenant Colonel


  General Officer

Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General


Corps Commander


CO- Commanding Officer

DO- Deputy Officer

XO- Executive Officer

IO- Intelligence Officer

CM- Communications Officer

LO- Logistics Officer

BFS- Battalion First Sergeant

CCO- Company Commanding Officer

CDO- Company Deputy Officer

CXO- Company Executive Officer

FS- First Sergeant

PL- Platoon Leader

SL- Squad Leader

G- Guid

EL- Element Leader

EM- Element Member


Technician- For technical support, often Non Commissioned Officer in training.

Cook- Provides meals for troops.

Military Police Officer- Will provide security detail for prisoners or traitors, etc.

Corpsman/Orderlies- Watches over wounded and uses voodoo to keep them from injury.

Clerk- In charge of a company's supplies.

Quartermaster- A large time Clerk.

Driver- For transportation to those who cannot teleport, or to islands that cannot be teleported to.

Chaplin- Provides religious support.

Nurse- Watches over the wounded at an aid station.

Surgeon- Uses tonics and other means to revive the wounded.

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