Viceroyalty Co. Returns

As some have learned already, Viceroyalty Co. has returned to the Caribbean, led by the famous Robert McRoberts. His new co-guildmaster Jeremiah Stormwash has decided to put on a surprise party for Robert and the return of his legendary guild. See below to learn more.

Guest List

Name Rank Guest Type
Jeremiah Stormwash Co-GM of Viceroyalty Co. Dinner Host
Robert Mcroberts GM of Viceroyalty Co. Platinum
King George II (John Breasly) Former Co-GM of Viceroyalty Co. Platinum
Samuel Redbeard EITC Leader Platinum
Lawrence Daggerpaine Former Viceroyalty Co. Member Platinum
Benjamin Macmorgan EITC Leader Platinum
Francis Bluehawk Francis Brigade Founder Platinum
Jim Bloodsilver Viceroyalty Co. Officer Golden
Simon Redskull Pieces Of Me Member Golden
Cad Bane EITC Member Golden
Capt. Skull X Military Strategist Golden
Chris Swordbones Capt. Skull X's Bodyguard Security
Bill Plunderbones Gen. Of Peace Member Golden
Thomas Brawlstack Gen. Of Peace Member Golden
Matthew Blastshot King of Denmark Golden
Robert Shipstealer Shah of Persia Golden
Keira Kinover The North Member Golden
Matthew O'malley Wiki Outlaw Crude

NOTE: More guests coming soon...

Guest Types

Dinner Host: The host of the dinner. He sits with the platinum guests.

Platinum Guest: Important persons. They sit with the host.

Golden Guests: Important persons. They sit with other golden guests.

Silver Guests: Everybody else. All persons not specified on this list are silver guests and may attend unless they are on the ban list.

Banned From Event

Captain Leon: For treason to Samuel Redbeard, and attempt to overthrow the good EITC.

Captain Sadcamp: Being Lawrence Daggerpaine's nemesis has its costs.

Sir Carlos Clemente: Insulting many of the guests.

Hippie: Being Jeremiah Stormwash's nemesis has its costs.

Wanna Attend

Everybody else is allowed to attend this event, unless they are on the Banned From Event list. Note that you may ask to be a golden or a platinum guest, but it is not guaranteed you will be made one.

Time And Place

The time and the location of this event will be revealed soon.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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