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Scene 1

&nbsp A spirit girl named Nova is sitting in a chair looking down on earth talking to her spirit guy friend, hunter.

Nova: Didn't you dump that girl?

Hunter: No, she dumped me.

Nova: What was her name again?

Hunter: Her name was Olive! For the last time! I've told you about a thosand times now!

Nova: Ok! Ok! Gosh! It's been a while since I heard about it or even heard you talk about her.

Hunter: *Facepalm* That was 2 weeks ago...

Nova: I know, I was messing with you! :)

Hunter: *sigh*....Have you talked to Raven lately? I really need to talk to him about our science project for Earth school.

Nova: Yea, I talked to him this morning, he said he has a nice start to it already!

Hunter: Cool! Now at least I know we're a little ahead of the other spirits.*Nervous look* Heh.. Yeah.

Nova: You seem troubled. What's wrong?

Hunter: Well I'm a bit worried about actually going to Earth.

Nova: Why?

Hunter: Well do you know what happens on Earth from day to day?

Nova: Well I..

Hunter: Exactly!

Nova: I'm sure you'll be just fine.

Hunter: I suppose so....

Scene 2

A few weeks later, Raven and Hunter are heading up to the lab to be sent to Earth. This is how they must finish their project.

Hunter: *Extreamly nervous* What if-

Raven: Dude we'll be just fine.

Hunter: Thats exactly what Nova said. Well not Exactly...

Raven: *lol*

They casually walk into the lab. An old man is standing near a desk with a bunch of papers on it.

Old Man: *Wide smile* Hello, you must be ready to go to Earth?

Hunter: Yeah. *Nervous look*

Old Man: Boy, is something troubling you?

Hunter: Just a little shaken, sir.

Old Man: Ah.

Raven: *In back round smiling wildly, eager to go to Earth*

The old man turns toward the middle of the room. he takes a remote out of his pocket and presses a button on it. The floor in the middle of the room opens and a huge machine rises up.

Old Man: Behold!! The transporter 2

Raven: 2?

Old Man: The first transporter we had broke down.

Raven: Ah.

Raven and Hunter are sent to Earth.

Hunter: Whoa!

Raven: I know, right?

Hunter: It's all like...


Hunter: Yeah!

Raven: Whoa!

Hunter: What?

Raven: Check this out!!

Vast ocean lingers before them

both of their mouths hang open in amazment.

(To be continued)

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