سفينة خط Theme

سفينة خط Theme

The name سفينة خط is Arabic for "Ship of the line". The reason the ship is named in Arabic is because this territory was purchased from the Ottoman Sultan Muhamed I, so the people besides the governmental leaders speak arabic. Basil is fluent in Arabic, Spanish English, Hindi, Prussian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Chinese, and Romanian, so of course he understands the name of his pride in the Barbaric fleet. 


Length - 210 ft

Gun Decks - 4 (counting the deck with swivel guns and bow cannons)

Bow Cannon Types - 2 Triple Bow Cannons on the front along with Greek fire cannons under that.

Passangers - The Crew + Admiral David Plankginty II


The ship with another vessel in the fleet behind it


Shore-party-descending-into-a-rowboat-from-the-stern-of-a-sailing-ship-1700s i-G-30-3033-L1MBF00Z

Rear view of the سفينة خط with a shore party seen getting ready to head to shore


A Swivel Gun finishing off a Corsair Frigate

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