'The EITC Lord' Issue 8

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Double EITC Relocation: Good or Bad Move?

The EITC has encountered many changes as of late. First the dischargement of Samuel Redbeard, then the appointing of Benjamin Macmorgan as the new Lord Marshal of the EITC. But not only has leadership changed, the main EITC guild (guild held in office by the Lord Marshal) has swapped several times already from Co. Black Guard to Unamed to The Co Empire. Although some critizise this fast swapping of guilds, the results are quite impressive. In the Unamed guild there were around 50 members, but in The Co Empire there are currently 115 members. Does the guild name have something to do with it? Some say most defineitly. Others contend that the name doesn't matter, it was simply because there was a recent boom in recruiting. Either way the numbers are there to show that the size of the EITC is fast growing despite the remarks that the EITC is "going stagnant."

Growing Capitalism in the Caribbean

Many think of the Caribbean as a pirate filled, lawless group of islands with no rhyme or reason. But recently there has been a spike in pirates turning into law-abiding merchants. Reports state that people who count themselves as merchants or salesmen and not pirates as gone up as of late, with legal trade almost doubled in the last month alone. Some say that one of the reasons for this is because of the EITC leadership change. Others contend that it is simply the way of the world to eventually cull out chaos and replace it with order. Most likely the main reason for this economic boom is because of recent peace in the Caribbean, as no major wars are currently going on and people feel more safe to be merchants. The question is: will this boom last or is it simply a facade?

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This week's 'The EITC Lord' Best Dressed award is given to thes
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e two navy guards who kept standing unusally close to each other...

Latest from London

War With Spain Is Over

Recently, after several weeks of fighting, the war against Spain has been won! English forces, along with the Order of Nautillus, ravaged the Spanish countryside, and destroyed Madrid. England is now in control of all Spanish land north of Madrid. England then relocated Spain's capital to León. Sir Carlos Clemente has been missing since the attack, but Spanish forces are still recieving orders. Does this mean that Spain is, once and for all, defeated?

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