"The Backhand" What it is.

The Backhand is a glove used by Caporegime Bloodless otherwise known as Jason Shiprat. It was created for the sole purpose of being able to injure or knock out enemies instantly with one hit. The glove is the only kind with only 2 pairs in existence. The glove can't be replicated as with all of Jason Shiprat's weapons and devices. The glove is indestructible.


Fire Punch/Slap:Glove lights on fire with voodoo fire; Dmg. 500,000

Lightning Punch/Slap:Electricutes enemy removing 3/4 of their health regardless of lvl.

Dark Voodoo:Increases voodoo powers of all allies within 200 meter rage.

Materials Glove is made out of and places/uses

Iron plating on back of hand

Small iron spikes on knuckles

Italian Black Leather Glove

Iron Bar in palm for extra dmg.

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