Captain John El

French Royal Guards

King Louis

The Cabin Boy of Captain John El

The Story

Captain John El, like any other pirate sailed the seas and plundered them clean. He had gained quite a nice fortune from all the loot he recovered from Spanish Gold fleets coming back from the new world. He was however, particularly fond of Jewels from what is now the Canadian Mountains which the french were in possession of. He left every ship the french had that he looted dry, reduced to a pile of floating scrap wood, except one. He kept one ship of the line the French had deployed to capture his ship to obtain his fortune. The french did not expect much, so only a small fleet was sent to find him, and take the fortune aboard his ship which in todays US money would be up to 555 billion dollars. When they found his ship, it was stranded near Hisponola, little did they know that the Pirates were expecting them. The french had just sprung their own trap approaching it, from the back and front of the ship, Greek fire cannons laid their. They burned the enemy french ships to ashes, except one, which he ordered that they take as their own, rig and bring it to Tortuga in the nearby Caribbean. The process of rerigging, and such took 3 days due, to the small crew they possessed. Luckily, they had much food, and boat loads of fine french wide aboard the fancy floating vessel. Even the ship of the line buckled under the weight of the treasure aboard. When they finished, they set sail for Tortuga. But on a fort night, on the way to the Caribbean, they were intercepted by 66 French Royal Ship of the Lines, it was impossible to burn all of them, due to the lack of powder left. The French guards stormed onto the ship. King Louis ordered that the crew is killed, and the Captain is brought to him. They took the Captain back to France in Chains. Captain John El, being bilangual, he spoke 4 languages one being French. The French Guards beat him brutally, before bringing him before King Louis in 1710. He was cleaned up, and had his long red beard, cut off, and shaved. King Louis interrogated him, and out of pity, or spite he put him in the Jails of Paris, rather than hang him. He was sentenced to life in solitude. He lived an unaturally long time. It was said that Captain John El was immortal, because he lived until 1805, he had a huge gray beard down to the floor. He died due to his many problems, aquired over years of solitude.

The End

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