Tired of people saying " My country is much stronger then yours" Well this is the official top 10 most powerful country chart! Feel free to update the information on here. But don't do something silly like give your country 10 million troops, or DON'T put your country on this list even when it should be!

Don't edit it please! all these are from history and such. So please ( john macbatten ) dont edit it to your likings I spent good time doing this. Its for Historical purposes only.


The current map of the world in 1723 ( edited ) Only show Europe, Asia and Africa.

  1. England British Anthem
  2. France French Anthem
  3. Russia ( anthem coming soon )
  4. Netherlands Dutch Anthem
  5. Portugal - subject to change ( anthem coming soon )
  6. Germany (Prussia) Prussian Anthem
  7. Portugal Portuguese Anthem -subject to change
  8. Japan Japanese Anthem -subject to change
  9. Austria Austrian Anthem - subject to change
  10. China - subject to change ( anthem coming soon )

- On the 1st of every month. A poll of each of the top 10 countries will be made. The countries that don't get any votes will be kicked off the list or moved to - subject to change

- subject to change are countries that MIGHT be deleted from the Top 10 list and be replaced with something more historically possible.

who do you think is most powerful?

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Ingame Time: 1723



[1][2]Peter the Great in the Battle of Poltava[3][4]John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, English general.*1700: The 1700 Cascadia earthquake (magnitude 9) occurs off the coast of the Pacific Northwest; Japan is struck by a tsunami.

[5][6]Tokugawa Yoshimune, Shogun of Japan.===edit1710s===



[7][8]Qianlong Emperor*1730: Mahmud I takes over Ottoman Empire after the Patrona Halil revolt, ending the Tulip period.


[9][10]Frederick II the Great, King of Prussia.[11][12] The extinction of the Scottish clan system came with the defeat of the clansmen at the Battle of Culloden in 1746.[12]*1740: Frederick the Great comes to power in Prussia.


[13][14]The Death of General Wolfe*1750: Peak of the Little Ice Age


[15][16]George III, King of Great Britain.*1760: George III became King of Britain.


[17][18]Rejtan and the Partitions of Poland[19][20] A Watt steam engine. The development of the steam engine started the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain.*1770: James Cook claims the East Coast of Australia (New South Wales) for Great Britain.


[21][22]George Washington*1780: Outbreak of indigenous rebellion led by Túpac Amaru II in Peru.

[23][24]Napoleon at the Bridge of the Arcole===edit1790s=== [25][26]Kamehameha I, King of the Hawaiian Islands*1790: United States of Belgium proclaimed following the Brabant Revolution.


Spain vs Russia ( resolved )

England vs Spain ( defense: resolved )

Denmark vs Spain ( navel defense: resolved )

Russia vs Poland ( Poland surrenders )

England vs Poland ( defense : resolved )

Denmark vs Poland ( defense: resolved )

England vs Redbeard ( outlaw: In progress )

Russia vs Redbeard ( outlaw: In progress )

Russia vs Japan ( skirmish: Resolved )

England vs Sweden ( in progress )

Denmark vs Sweden ( in progress )

Persia vs Sweden ( in progress )

Ottoman Empire vs sweden ( in progress )

Russia vs Sweden ( defense: in progress )

Russia trade embargo on Sweden ( current )

England trade embargo on Sweden ( current )


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